Summer Writing Challenges


July 1-August 31

If at any time during these two months you type the words THE END on your current manuscript, let Peggy know. Last year we had 5 members complete their manuscripts during the time frame.


 July 9 – 23
August 6 – 20

Why wait until November? This summer, let’s all attend NHRWA NANOWRIMO camp. What do you have to do? Simple. For 2 weeks in July (9 – 23) and 2 weeks in August (6 – 20), aim to write either a minimum of words everyday or a set total for those two weeks. You set the numbers. You do not have to write 50000 words like we do in November. You know what you can handle. Be sure to push yourself a little! When you decide on your number and if you want to participate, email Peggy. You will also send her your word count every night during the challenge periods.