Writing Challenges

THE END Summer Writing Challenge

July 1 – August 31, 2016

If you finish your current WIP and type THE END on the manuscript – actually or metaphorically(!) between the dates listed, let NHRWA Secretary (and Challenge Queen) Peggy Jaeger know via email (mmj122687@yahoo.com). Include the date you typed THE END and the name of the work.

WRITING TIME Summer Writing Challenge

Monday, July 18 – Sunday, midnight, July 24.

Add up all your time spent solely on writing for each day. Even if you write for 10 minutes once an hour for 6 hours (that’s a total of an hour, peeps!) we want to know. Peggy will be keeping tally daily, so you need to email her with your hours every day (mmj122687@yahoo.com).

At the end of the week Peggy will post everyone’s totals and we can all scream with delight when we see how much we actually wrote.

WORDS PER DAY Summer Writing Challenge

Monday, August 15 – Sunday, August 21,

Track HOW MANY WORDS per day  you actually end up with. Here’s what we mean: You write 2500 words, but after reading and editing, you cut 300 of those words and end up with 2200 – 2200 is what you report for the writing challenge. Send your total to Peggy (mmj122687@yahoo.com) at the end of each day and she’ll tally it all up.