Chapter Meetings


Our monthly chapter meetings are held at the Baker Free Library in Bow, NH.  Remember to park in the adjacent lots. Do NOT park in the library lot. Workshops start at 1pm.

Saturday, October 12 – Emily and Kari Moran

In this workshop, writers will learn about the multitude of disabilities that are under-represented in today’s literature, whether main or secondary character. They will discern which words should not be used to describe those with different abilities and words that should be used. They will determine the proper course of action when gathering information about a specific diagnosis in order to accurately portray a character with said diagnosis. They will delve into the emotional and psychological perspectives of those with disabilities as well as the technical realities and legal standpoints regarding medicine, education, and the environment.

Saturday, November 9 – NaNoWriMo Write-In

Saturday, December 14 – TBA

Saturday, January 11 – Setting Goals with Susan Wall

Saturday, February 8 – TBA

Saturday, March 14 – TBA

Saturday, April 11 – TBA

Saturday, May 9 – TBA

Saturday, June 13 – TBA


(Topics and presenters are subject to change.)

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